Wonder Woman Patriot T-shirt

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Wonder Woman ‘Patriot’ T-shirt at Blind Religion

She’s the All American girl who would lay down for her country. Not Courtney Love though I wonder after positing this how much time will pass until this statement seems crass because she’s done a Winehouse. No not Courtney Love, who we have been told by our lawyers to point out is actually in good health at the time of writing this but Wonder Woman. This Wonder Woman t-shirt doesn’t just say you love Wonder Woman. No, no, no it says you love America.

That’s right if the stars and the red don’t get you then you just don’t like America. So for all you US people out there you don’t even love your country if you don’t buy this. For those reading this not in the US then just pretend red is a lucky colour. Yeah that sounds good, red is lucky and if you don’t buy this t-shirt you will have bad luck forever. That’s a bit harsh say for three days instead so back luck for three days if you don’t buy this Wonder Woman t-shirt starting................NOW! Oh and if you don’t share this t-shirt with ten of your friends on Facebook within seven days terrible things will happen.


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