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Movie and Film t-shirts are like the new music of today with fans becoming ever more attached to their favourite films be it from cult classics down to horror and the emerging TV t-shirts market that terrific and successful series have spawned. It’s not hard to see why the world of TV and film is ever changing with more and more thought and care put into major franchises to build and now retain an audience so they can keep coming back and with this new growth today’s fans new a new way to celebrate with a wider range of movie t-shirts to choose from.

Possibly the most dedicated of super fans go to those who follow science fiction. You folk seem to be more gifted at seeing all the tiny nuances movie makers put into their films and remain capable of being able to recollect every minor detail of the film and discuss with intellect. The rest of us kind of watch and are entertained but we wish we had your passion for films and science fiction though luckily we feel the same about t-shirts so when you put a passion for movies together with a passion for t-shirts we should have a lethal mix.

I still smile now when I see somebody walking down the street wearing my Back to the Future t-shirts and all those teenage memories come flooding back. How cool was the diminutive Marty McFly with Michael J Fox at his effortless best and then it hits you. Didn’t he kiss his own mother when he went back in time? Still it was a great movie but then so many science fiction films leave lasting imprints on your mind.

I bet there isn’t a science fiction fan out there who doesn’t remember at least one major scene from the Aliens series. It could be the moment Ripley came face to face with ultimate enemy or when she donned that mechanical suit to finally, or so we thought put an end to the alien. However it could be when the foetus of the alien grows and suddenly bursts through the stomach and each moment can make you urge on your human friend or scream in terror but that’s the power of science fiction if you can imagine the possible then you can experience it all.

To this day you can’t have a fancy dress party without somebody coming as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or more interesting Princess Leia in a gold bikini or a tall dark figure standing imperiously as Darth Vader. Now those with a little more skill add Darth Maul to this list but this is why Star Wars t-shirts remain as popular as ever. These films are part of us because we grew up with them. We lived through their experiences and that never leaves you. When you add that to the fact it is one of the greatest film series ever made the fact Star Wars has such a cult following from movie fans isn’t a shock.

As fanatical fans go you would have to go a long way to beat ‘Trekkies’ who can recite quotes from the everlasting Captain Kirk and the always logical Spock. This was a series unlike no other at the time and it broke barriers down in so many ways. It felt light years ahead of its time and not just in the sense of where and when it was set. So forceful was the feeling for this series and then the feature films that you would see Star Trek t-shirts worn all over the place and then these fans would get together and before anybody knew it they had a union of fans together and gave themselves a name and the super fan was born.

However to have a army of fans doesn’t always require huge budgets and blockbuster films as fans of British show Doctor Who will tell you. This is a series that has spanned decades and caught the imagination with some of the most interesting characters ever from a time travelling doctor who saves the world to an evil race of Daleks intent on destroying anything that comes in their path and when you see the nostalgia and intelligence in the series and the fact it is one of the few shows where the main character and hero can die but always returns then you know why there are so many Dr Who t-shirts being sported around the world.

The era of geek chic and science fiction has spawned a new era of movie making with superheroes dominating what seems every single summer and films going into more and more depth behind the characters we all know and love. Marvel is leading the way and some of their movies have been nothing short of breathtaking in their quality and of course their effects. Once resigned to those following comic books these incredible characters are now firmly in the thoughts of every movie goer around the world now.

Probably the first of this new genre of movies that stood out for us was the X-Men series and they seemed to spark something in movie fans everywhere. We had been used to the previous superhero films being comic in nature of subtle but now there was the capability to create characters that could do anything. Packed with action, intrigue and excitement you could see your characters come to life on the big screen for the very first time.

So beautifully written and made the X-Men created spin off films for Wolverine as we yearned to know more about our favourite characters and these single movie hero films would be almost as popular. The Spider-Man series has now reached its fifth instalment and each movie has given a slightly different take on what is everybody’s favourite neighbourhood savour but the individual series we loved most has to the Batman. The Dark Knight was such an incredible title because we really were dragged into some of the darkest and deepest depths of both Bruce Wayne’s and Batman’s own character. Their fears, what made them and how they seemed to force themselves into the role of hero rather than embrace it and these were things we needed to see.

The upcoming Superman v Batman film is one of the most eagerly anticipated films probably of all time and the crossover films where different characters meet is really the ultimate for any marvel fan. Seeing them interact is incredible and we all had those debates as children who would win in a fight Hulk or Thor and for a brief moment we thought we would eventually find out the answer to that question but of course we were teased but unfulfilled but that’s the magic of it, leaving us debating and guessing and still wondering, knowing more about each character but just creating more questions from that knowledge.

We all saw the Avengers movie building didn’t we? The Iron Man series, with the enigmatic Robert Downey Jnr who pretty much has performed the role of Tony Stark so well it’s hard to imagine another actor, just kept rolling with film after film and kept us coming back for more. There’s something so honest about this character for us men. He basically has everything. Handsome, rich with a beautiful girl and he’s a genius of such proportion he actually turned himself into Iron Man. That’s every boy’s dream to have that mix.

Then the troubled Hulk who never asked for his gift and is constantly battling with himself and the demons inside and when you contrast Bruce Banner and how polite he is, how anti violence how history has taught him it causes pain and then you see him become the total opposite a giant raging green hulk causing havoc and destruction it’s such an interesting take on the two sides of humanity. You don’t know why you love this potentially green menace but with such power it’s almost like you feel safe with him around like when he’s called upon he can stop anything.

Then of course there’s Captain America, a US government experiment, a super soldier braver and more focused than anybody else always ready to leave and forever putting others ahead of him and that makes him a natural leader for others and even the other heroes. When you throw in two master assassins (yes we stole that line from the film) in the gorgeous Black Widow and Hawkeye and yes you know we’ve got the Avengers and this is potentially going to be the greatest series of all the movies and hence needs some great movie t-shirts.

We won’t deny whilst the women are free to gawp at the rippling muscles of the heroes the guys can enjoy what seems like a roll call of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood living out our teenage dreams. It is probably the only time couples visit the cinema and accept the other will find characters attractive it’s almost like it is okay because they’re heroes and they’re righteous. So the era of superhero t-shirts have been well and truly born at Blind Religion and we have yet to scratch the surface of movie and film tee shirts.

Next we have the cult movies and cult movie t-shirts and what makes a cult film we have no idea but something unseen in the film strikes a chord in the majority of people watching and I suppose that’s why there are some incredible writers and directors out there. They know what chords to play during a film to captivate us and grip us and leave feeling emotionally drained and yet attached to the film we’ve just seen.

I can still recall the first time I saw Donnie Darko. On the face of it there was a troubled young man with sometimes bizarre an inexplicable things occurring and a sweet teacher and the beautiful Drew Barrymore seemed almost a side plot but somehow felt like she was crucial to the film if not the plot. Jake Gyllenhall was terrific as the strange yet interesting young man who seemed to have a problem functioning in society but he was smart. By the end of the film it’s a love story, love for the girl he met, for his family he originally appeared to loathe and then in this incredible spiritual or science fictional twist he makes the ultimate sacrifice and you just didn’t see it coming.

I still recall staying awake all night actually trying to work out what happened (I’m not smart) but knowing I’d just seen something special and I now have Donnie Darko t-shirt proudly in my collection and of course it had to be one with the ‘bunny’ on it because that was about as fascinating an image as you are likely to see in a film.

For other much different reasons Tarantino films have masses of fans and here at Blind Religion we are definitely amongst them. Pulp Fiction was probably the one that sparked our love affair off as we saw Reservoir Dogs after Pulp Fiction. It was just the coolest film ever when watching and John Travolta as a gangster, seriously? Yet it worked beautifully. The script was incredible and each scene felt like a mini movie there was so much quality in the film and each scene just got cooler and cooler from the Samuel L Jackson monologues and his acidic humour with Travolta to the brutal scenes between Marcel Wallace and Butch and one particular scene we can’t mention because kids may be reading but we all remember it.

This wasn’t a gangster movie with twists, a dark film about the deepest depths of criminal life with was crime at its best captivating, funny, interesting and it chewed you up then spat you out and when it finished it was almost like you needed to watch it back again to see if you had actually just witnessed what you thought you had.

As we were saying cult movies are so different you just can’t put your finger on why they become cult films. You have the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange and it’s so unusual, almost beautiful at times but it drags you into your deepest darkest human secrets, it shows humanity at its brutal worst and yet whilst you are watching you are identifying with the film and the characters and how people would and possibly could act with no restrictions from society and you leave not shocked at the film but shocked at what you personally could have been capable of if you hadn’t had the constructs of conditioning we all have growing up.

From the depths of human depravity to the wholesome heroic adventures of James Bond. A serial womaniser in the past he got the girl, drove the car and saved the world and without a single special power, just an exceptional human working for her majesty’s pleasure. With a licence to kill and thrill in equal measure Bond fans were crazy for all the films and there’s so many of them and now he’s been modernised.

No longer is he cold towards the woman in his life, he still thrills but with a little more social conscience but where he may have lost a little action in the boudoir he certainly hasn’t as he is now and all action hero exploding and smashing his way through enemy lines with the power, precision and guile we all wish we could have. Unfortunately like you I don’t have these skills but I can still worship Bond and proudly drape my Bond t-shirt over my shoulder and let the world know I’m happy with myself but if I could chose somebody to be I’d be Bond and if moneypenny is watching great.

From a typically British hero in Bond to Harrison Ford as the al action Indiana Jones, by day he’s an archaeologist who teaches but by night or even day just somewhere exotic he is a thrilling explorer always on the edge of the latest find whilst battling criminals and with guns as well as whips and Indiana Jones t-shirts are actually more popular now than when Ford was in his pomp so much of a cult following has the series gained.

Then you have the cult comedies such as Anchorman with the irrepressible Ron Burgundy and this has to be a film series with the most one lines turned into t-shirts because there are so many that just stick in your mind. It was a film that literally had a quote available from every scene. Then there was the ultimate guy’s road trip/action comedy The Hangover and this is now the most successful comedy movie franchise of all time and fans will know why. Then of course you have the Big Lebowski and the ‘the Dude’ and this comedy seemed to marry incredible screenwriting and direction with intelligence and of course huge dollops of comic genius and made Jeff Bridges even more cool if that’s possible.

We could talk about movies all day long and we haven’t even touched the area of horror movie t-shirts with films like Eraserhead leading the early generations of horror and Psycho and working all the way up to the more gruesome offerings of today. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre original has to be one of the most incredible movies to see in the cinema live. Sneaking in to a re run as a 12 year old it haunted me for weeks and I’m lying there probably years and was a masterpiece of horror.

However we have to move on quickly because where movie and film t-shirts used to dominate the world of TV is now more powerful than ever. With bigger budgets and more talent moving into the world of TV and with the diversity and ease you can create a series compared to a film suddenly there’s amazing shows that now have the world watching. You have the smash hit series the Sopranos and Tony Soprano and his family taking you on an epic and twisting journey the world of mob life and the attempts to leave, to at ease and then ultimately give in to what you have become and all with deep rooted violence by stylishly done.

Equally as fascinating was how an entire nation was immediately gripped by Walter White in Breaking Bad and his monstrous spiral down the criminal world and there was an almost inevitable feeling about the series as early on you see him become almost hell bent on seeing this through until the end. Then you have the almost historic epic that is Game of Thrones. Every so often something comes along so fresh, so new, so wonderful that we all jump on board. It started with 24 and Lost and then there was Heroes and now the beautifully shot Game of Thrones.

The world of movies, films and TV t-shirts couldn’t be in a better moment and with the world getting more casual and people enjoying showing where their loyalties lie it’s only going to get better so no matter if you are wearing Family Guy t-shirts or if you are a fan of Dr Sheldon Cooper and you are enjoying your Big Bang Theory t-shirts just know that you are part of a much bigger family than even you imagine because all movie goers and television fans are united by their collective love for these forms of entertainment.

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We are sure you will have noticed when scanning through our wonderfully crafted site that we offer in every single design a range of choices. In each one we provide both a women’s and children’s t-shirt option simply because it’s the 21st century. No young fan wants to be left on the sidelines waiting to be called into action only for that call never to come so if we can treat the adults then the children deserve to be given the same kind of respect.

For the ladies, the beautiful ladies out there we have to put an end to this insistence they wear unisex t-shirts which are not unisex really just a way of saying you will wear a men’s shirt and for some ladies that works but for others you have the right to love movie tees and you have the right to enjoy them in something a little more suited to your womanly design and that’s the least we can do here at Blind Religion.