Superman Caped Crusades T-shirt

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Superman ‘Caped Crusades’ T-shirt at Blind Religion

There I was sat on the wall with my friend arguing over who was better. He was sat there in his Superman t-shirt I was sat there with my Batman t-shirt when the cops rolled in on us. I said ‘what’s up cop?’ and he was like why are you talking like that you’re British. Then he asked my friends name and he replied ‘Clark Kent’ which didn’t go down well and they started to beat him pretty quickly.

Now I couldn’t help a little laugh came out, not because of the beating but because his name actually is Clark Kent and he was telling the truth. As soon as they heard me laugh I guess they thought I was a wise guy and started to beat me. As they walked off they said ‘and take those t-shirts off your grown men now’ and left. You know just for once I’d like to experience state driven police brutality with a baton that doesn’t judge me.


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