Super Mario Dry Bones T-shirt

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The Dry Bones ‘Touch Me You Die’ T-shirt at Blind Religion

Are you a fan of Mario and Luigi but also like to send a ‘hands off’ warning to friends and strangers? Then why not try this wonderfully silly Dry Bones ‘Touch Me and You Die’ t-shirt. It is a lovely reference to one of the most beloved Super Mario bad guys through the series Dry Bones and if you find yourself with lava you’re in a spot but ice can help either way a short jump and correct landing will buy you some time and maybe somebody will buy you this tee shirt?

I tried to picture who this Dry Bones t-shirt would suit best and it just fitted everybody. You could imagine a young child sending this feisty message out to gamers everywhere or it would work brilliantly as a beautiful women’s Mario t-shirt in fact it would look great on men too. So if Super Mario is your thing and you feel like getting a little dry bone then why not buy today?

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