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Welcome to the Sports T-shirts and Sports Hoodies section at Blind Religion and we hope you enjoy it. To some the world of sport is an alien land of people grunting, colliding and pushing each other to physical and mental limits to simply declare one victorious but to us it is one of the purest and most amazing things in life. What is more important or thrilling than people simply challenging each other to find out who comes out on top and that’s why we gave so much care and attention to our sports t-shirts collection.

We know each sport has its own brand to push out to make as much money as possible but there’s little variety and as sports fans we deserve that chance and opportunity to support our own chosen club, athlete, icon in an individual way so we can tailor that support to our own tastes and jersey’s and replica shirts are wonderful things but sometimes there comes a time when you want something new from the world of sports and sports t-shirts and that’s where Blind religion comes in.

The most globally dominant sport and the most popular in sports t-shirts has to be football or as some others would call it soccer. We loathe the use of such a term but when half the world uses it what can we do but for most purposes we’ll stay true to the word football wherever we possibly can. However the world of football is as diverse as you can get covering the entire world and every continent is gripped by the fever pitch that runs green with grass.

You can have the hectic flurry of action in the Premier League which has to be the most exciting football you can watch. Every game is end to end and surprisingly the clubs play with a freedom that England itself almost always fails to replicate. Even the smaller clubs seem to have no fear when challenging the giants of the league and it makes for almost warrior like combat on a weekly basis.

With the recent return to power of Liverpool and of course the exhilarating football they are providing there is another powerhouse now competing in that league and you can see why so much money is spent by fans desperate to watch each and every game and why Liverpool t-shirts are in high demand. With their manager never short of a word or comment the Chelsea juggernaut keeps rolling on as the star names keep coming in but in recent times they have had to play second fiddle domestically the mega rich oil supported Manchester City. Combining star names with silky football and titles they seem set to grapple for that ultimate spot as the most powerful club in England.

This must come as a real painful pill to swallow for Manchester United fans as their once ‘noisy’ neighbours now proudly head the race almost every year. Things change quickly in football as arsenal fans can testify as the once frugal North London club have started breaking their transfer records all over the place to try and cement their place at the top of the tree at home and in Europe.

However the real achievements are won at the major events such as the Champions League and the World Cup and they remain the pinnacle of the football game. It seems inevitable with the power of the La Liga giants Barcelona and of course their illustrious opponents from the capital Real Madrid. Not only do they have the rivalry of fighting on almost all fronts against each other they both hold the two best players in world football in Messi and Ronaldo. Then you have the German powerhouses of Bayern and Dortmund with Pep Guardiola setting about recreating a new chapter in Munich just like he did in Catalonia.

France have now entered with mix and pushed hard to compete with PSG leading the way but the Champions League now remains a place for only the elite in football and that’s why every club is so desperate to be in there.

Football biggest singular event has to be the world cup and that’s why we have an incredible selection of world cup t-shirts available. It is simply a celebration of a sport that is now a global phenomenon and given it takes years to qualify and a moment to lose your place once you have arrives you are driven by passion, pride and tension as the fans celebrate and the players sweat and recently there was changing of power.

When the event reached South America the cities of Brazil were awash with the yellow and green Brazil t-shirts as they fancied their chances to bring the trophy back to what natives think is its spiritual home. However the landscape of football has changed in recent times and you can’t ignore the power of Messi as you witness the world awash with Argentina t-shirts with the words Messi emblazoned upon the back. It is Spain that had dominated in recent times though with their unique brand of Tiki Taka tearing up the scene.

However humbled by Holland the baton of power was passed over to the always strong Germany and the way they played with energy, imagination and desire this brave bunch took the world cup and few around the world of sport would be ashamed to wear Germany t-shirts these days as a testament to their power and dominance at the minute. All that can change however.

The world of sports t-shirts though is much bigger than a single sport and there is no shortage of boxing t-shirts around the world. This contest is about as primitive as it comes in concept but is littered with subtle moves and skills that hide beneath the veil of brutality. Anybody who knows the sport will know the dedication and skill needed to reach the top is exceptional and it is perhaps the ultimate test of mind and body as you are on your own once that bell rings.

You have the glamour of the vintage days of boxing because whilst you see many Floyd Mayweather t-shirts doing the rounds now along with his advisory Pacquaio you also have the fierce rivalries that almost force you to pick a side. The UK hosted Froch v Groves and it really was two all out wars between fighters with little time for each other and a nation was split.

Once that crowd gathers the only way you can show which side you have picked was to wear a Froch t-shirt or a Groves. However boxing are a sport with bags of nostalgia and the most famous sports t-shirts of all time may be Muhammad Ali tee. Once self declaring himself the best he had the talent to back up the boast and he still remains the focus as the most enigmatic boxer of all time. Then of course you have the fearsome Iron Mike Tyson who at a young age simply tore through the heavyweight division often making his opponents tremble with fear with just one gaze into his menacing eyes.

Boxing no longer holds the lone pugilistic throne with the incredibly exciting Mixed Martial Arts growing all the time. With just as much glitz and glamour as boxing its flagship the UFC though has more to offer in terms of what it can bring the viewer. Now we’re not just talking about the variety of moves on offer either but the fact the fighters have no fear of losing, they almost accept it will happen at some stage so it often leads to more of the stronger fighters going head to head.

Unlike boxing the matches are almost always made for the fighters to advance to sport and viewing spectacle and this is where the power is starting to shift. It simply offers more for those wishing to see the best compete against the best and already the sport has its legends of years gone by and current living legends still fighting today.

There’s been much debate of ‘The Rush’ Georges St Pierre and where he stands amongst the all time greats but nobody doubts his talents. Most would consider Anderson Silva to be ahead of him in terms of status with his incredible and exciting striking ability and great ground game he’s an ultimate fighting machine. Though fans of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones would say the same and he was rightly heading for the status of all time great but much will depend on the upcoming second match against Alexander Gustafsson.

We couldn’t let the world of UFC and MMA go without a mention to Chuck Liddell. This guy is just an all American hero with a face that looks as mean and tough as he actually is but with a ‘Yankee’ charm the watching world seemed to have some kind of connection with the fighter. Even starring in a music video his status as a hall of famer was long secured before his acting exploits.

Speaking of Americans few countries have more passion for sport that the USA. Primarily focused on their major sports such as baseball, basketball and football it is a national love affair possibly obsession with athletic prowess. From modern day great like Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, Kobi Byrant to the heroes of years gone by. There are few sports fans around the planet that haven’t heard of Michael Jordan or the infamous Magic Johnson. Some would say that was the golden age of basketball but others would delve even further back to the days of Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

In fairness it will always be the way those of us who have matured will look back at what they saw when younger with more of a rose tint in our glasses and that’s the way it should be. Just like sports t-shirts the world of sports and basketball should be enjoyed most in your own time with your own heroes because that is the most relevant and important to us.

You know there isn’t a sport we don’t like here. I could be just at home with my tennis t-shirt at Wimbledon watching Rafa Nedal smash the ball from the back of the court or watch Federer run around the ball onto his forehand and produce something almost seemingly impossible in front of my eyes or even Djokovic tearing a backhand cross court before the server has finished his follow through down the ball as I could in Monaco.

The Formula 1 series finally has its bite back and after the tragic events that were bestowed upon two of its greats in Ayrton Senna and later Schumacher fans understand it is important to cherish greatness when you see it and Hamilton and Rosberg even as team mates seem intent or creating a new rivalry just as scary at those of years gone by but that’s the world of sport and the world of sports t-shirts. It is ever changing, exciting and worth exploring because few things give you greater pleasure emotionally than great sport.

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