Spider-Man Neighborhood T-shirt

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Spider-Man ‘Neighborhood’ T-shirt

When I was younger I always wanted a Spider-Man t-shirt that said ‘Neighborhood Spider-Man’ so I could wander the streets protecting everybody around me. I knew Spider-Man was a hit with the ladies and I thought if I went around doing good deeds protecting people in my local area I would not only get the ladies but look absolutely awesome doing it. Needless to say I didn’t have much luck with the ladies and got my backside kicked on more than one occasions by people not always happy with interference even when justice should be served.

I did learn a valuable lesson and I did realise the mistake I made. I didn’t have and Neighborhood Spider-Man t-shirts so they didn’t know what I was trying to do so now I’ve made one and I have so I’m off to fight crime so see you all later. Feel free to join my quest in your own 'hood' but please if you get beaten up too that is your own responsibility. 


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