Roberto Baggio 'Greatest' T-shirt

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Roberto Baggio ‘The Greatest’ T-shirt at Blind Religion

We have called this Roberto Baggio t-shirt ‘The greatest’ not just because he’s one of the greatest Italian footballers of all time but because we believe this is the greatest Roberto Baggio t-shirt in the world. We honestly and absolutely do and we’ve searched the entire web and in our opinion nothing even comes close this Baggio tee shirt. It’s beautifully hand drawn and it captures Baggio at his most vulnerable, at that moment when the chance went begging and the penalty was missed but it is still drawn with a sense of pride and the symbol of Italy standing proudly above it.

Not only does this Roberto Baggio t-shirt look spectacular and elegant it’s actually a piece of art. It defines what greatness is and that’s enduring so much pain and disappointment to become the best. Even the greatest sportsmen have moment of heartbreak and if you are so good, so forceful that even when those moments happen and a nations hopes are dashed when you return they embrace you, they support you and it’s a sign of the human spirit when that happens and that’s what Italy gave back to Baggio for all he gave to them. It’s was tragic and beautiful at the same time and if you can find any Roberto Baggio t-shirts as powerful of as stylish as this snap them up because we have yet to discover one.


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