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What is the one thing that most of us carry in our portable wardrobe (or suitcase as it’s known) when we cast off to our favourite destinations? We all share different tastes but what we carry tends to be the same and the one thing most of us can’t do without is our holiday t-shirt. Comfortable enough to wear on the plane or tuck in your case, small enough to not take up much space and light enough to not cost you anything extra when you are weighing in.

This is why we love the holiday t-shirt so much, light, comfortable and versatile and yet we have two choices when we go away to leave our world at home behind and those two choices have never filled me with great excitement. You can either bring your current t-shirts away with you or purchase new ones just before you go. That’s a great option if you want to show everybody when you arrive where you are from but it hardly embraces the place you are visiting for me.

Those of you brave enough will hunt for something local in this department upon arrival and I’ve never been quite as adventurous so we had to change this. What if there is another option? What if you could buy a quality t-shirt that represents where you’re going and embraces your trip before you have even arrived? Before you set sail on the sea of float amongst the clouds you can pick your favourite place or destination that you wish to visit or even if you wish to recall and taste a few memories and you could have that brought to your very door back home.

Imagine walking down the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, the cycles sliding past as you make your way through the canal side orders to the bustling main course and you can weave in and out of the chocolate shops and local pubs and do it all with a beautiful Amsterdam t-shirt on your person already, a real classy nod to one of your favourite cities as you skip to the beat of Dutch city life.

Perhaps others find something different in Amsterdam and they have more agricultural activities in mind in what is one of the most diverse cities in Europe and many young men and women (some not so young) have frequented the bars and cafe shops to sample the local delights that are legal. Now imagine as your friends sit down across from you and you take off your jacket and you’re the only one bright enough to have come with your very own Amsterdam t-shirt ready and waiting to celebrate the holiday that you’re are currently enjoying and it is the centre piece for the fun.

Imagine the surprise instead of having to pick from overpriced tourist t-shirts you could choose something outstanding that sets yourself out? You could be flying across the world and landing in the beautiful exotic world of Thailand already prepared with your Bangkok or Pattaya t-shirt in hand or bag and ready to embrace everything your trip has to offer as others smile enviously wishing they had thought of such a bright idea.

I can just see the looks as you walk onto the Copacabana beach and amongst the thongs and sand a football lands at your feet. A silky touch, a flick of the foot and the ball goes back to where it came from and the guys suitably impressed not just by your fabulous footwork but also the fact you’ve arrived prepared for the beauty with your very own Brazil t-shirt or even better a Copacabana t-shirt to pay homage to one of the world’s most glamorous destinations.

With young revellers the world over taking opportunities each summer to party far and wide there is no bigger destination in the northern hemisphere than that of the party island of southern Ibiza. With the world’s most famous collection of clubs and DJ’s playing the songs that keep going through until morning and the wet and wild youngsters finally get to let loose and enjoy the frivolity of freedom.

Now what could be better if you were a young band from Dublin than securing your Ibiza t-shirts before you left? Then you won’t have to walk the beach sporting the same outfit looking like some sort of strange party team with nothing to set you out from each other let alone the other dance enthusiasts. You could organise your wardrobe before you go and the only thing better than partying hard is looking good whilst you do it and his is the opportunity to do just that.

It seems most of the world revels in the Jamaican culture be it those with a passion for visiting or those who live elsewhere but remain true to the culture of all things tropical from the country of Reggae. It could be the bold green and yellow but whenever you see the colours it’s hard to find a t-shirt that doesn’t look good when designed and made well with a Jamaican flavour to add to the blend.

When talking t-shirts and iconic fashion there are few cities in the world more celebrated than the big three. Firstly London cannot be ignored as a cultural and certainly an urban fashion hub and that’s why London t-shirts are so popular. That doesn’t just go for visitors or holidaymakers but Londoners or ‘Cockney’s’ are fiercely proud of their city and rightly so and it seems those who are from London want a t-shirt to show everybody where they are from and those outside London want to visit and get a piece of the cake so to speak.

Then of course you have the chic stylish nature of Paris and its sleek sophistication. A city of romance, a city of passion and a city brimming with culture and in a similar way to London it just oozes something unique that makes you want to be a part of it. Though not as gritty or urban it carries that air of confidence of self belief that it is one of the world’s greatest cities and one of the best places to be and you don’t need to ask why Paris t-shirts are so popular be it for an impending trip or to carry a memory and bring it back in a cab to your front door (just a note deliveries are not by cab it’s a metaphor).

Last and of course never least of the big three is New York and who doesn’t love New York, New Yorkers and New York t-shirts? The city that never sleeps and rolls from one incredible moment to another and one landmark to another this is one place on earth that is set to hurricane when you look at its pace. Sure it has beautiful parks but most who fall in love with its charms get caught in a whirlwind of excess with shops and fashion dominating and sights and scenes to visit to keep you dreaming and loving New York and very few get to show their love whilst they are there and hence we have the greatest New York t-shirts just for you guys.

Walking down Central Park the New York autumn brings a brown and green wind as leaves whistle by playing your favourite song in your head, those warm leather gloves clenching your partners hand as you waltz through a world of new exciting times and you can do it all with your New York t-shirt sitting proudly under your scarf.

I once knew a man who lived his life obsessed with two places on the planet. Every year he would holiday in one or the other and each year he would long to wear his Miami and Los Angeles t-shirts once again. He used to hold off wearing them at home and save for those moments when he could enjoy them amongst the locals but as time went on they started to creep into his daily wardrobe too.

He would awaken and stumble to his closet and pull out his favourite holiday t-shirts and wear them whenever he could. He couldn’t always be there physically but these tees felt warmer somehow because they contained memories. Now I like you thought he was a little bonkers but it didn’t seem to do him any harm and he couldn’t have been happier. That is until he landed his dream job in the US and in Miami and now when he sends back holiday snaps of him walking along the beach with his gorgeous tanned other half I no longer feel the need to question his sanity as I look out at another grey afternoon but you have to admire that spirit to feel so connected to something be it Los Angeles, Miami or Copenhagen.

The best message we have ever received from a customer was something we can share so long as we don’t use their names but we were so happy to hear it. A couple had always dreamed of visiting Maldives and who wouldn’t? The beaches and beautiful isolation is almost unmatched when comparing to any other destination. The couple had been through some difficult times but they remained committed to each other and when the light came at the other end the husband booked this incredible dream holiday to the Maldives.

Had that been me I wouldn’t have been able to hold on to the information and called straight away to tell her and the world my amazing gesture of romance but so long had he waited to give her the gift he’d always wanted that he was able to restrain himself from doing that. Instead he renewed their passports, spoke to his boss and then hers and arranged for holiday time and waited until the morning of the trip.

He asked her to close her eyes and just trust him and a short cab ride later they arrived at the airport. She was already speechless as she looked around and realised once she saw the two suitcases they were jetting off somewhere. Now being a good woman immediately she panicked and said her job, her boss and straight away was reassured and then came the next question. The one she longed to ask now her fears were gone and the burning question of where they were going now was too hot to hold back.

The answer was she had to guess but there was no way her racing mind could slow down long enough to settle on one idea let alone a single place and then her gaze caught an unusual t-shirt on her husband, one she hadn’t seen before and there was the answer...............Maldives. What a great way to take your woman away and it has set the bar quite high for the rest of us guys in future.

Men’s, Woman’s and Kids Holiday T-shirts Delivered Worldwide at Blind Religion

Now the one thing we have yet to tell you is the specific yet important detail of the t-shirts that accompany your dreams. The important information is that it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a men’s t-shirt, a women’s t-shirt or a kids t-shirt to put the finish touches to your trip then we have them all. Every single design at Blind religion has all these options for every single destination you can find.

That means you won’t find us out of stock or not having the item you wish so you can simply choose which tee suits you or your family