Iron Man Stark Industries T-shirt

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Iron Man ‘Stark Industries’ T-shirt and Hoodie at Blind Religion

Hello kind sir and lady step right up to play the travelling fair’s best new game. Just throw the ball at this coconut we have nailed to the stand making it impossible and you could win this amazing Iron Man ‘Stark Industries’ t-shirt and hoodie for you or your friend. Is it possible? Dear sir what kind of folly is this that isn’t important, I’m charming and charismatic and I’ll laugh and you will laugh and your friend will laugh and of course none of you will have chance of winning this Stark Industries t-shirt but who cares? So what if it’s like basically handing over your hard earned money without even playing it’s the playing that’s important.

There’s a really important message here in travellers are not to be trusted. What do you mean that’s not the message? Is it that paying simply to play something for the purposes of losing your money isn’t a great idea? That’s not it either. Is it that rather than try and win this amazing Stark Industries t-shirt by luck they should just buy it here. It took a while but we got there in the end so buy this Iron Man t-shirt and allow me to remain employed until at least tomorrow.


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