Germany 'Die Mannschaft' T-shirt and Hoodie

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Germany ‘Die Mannschaft’ T-shirt and Hoodie at Blind Religion

There is a very simple translation for this Germany ‘Die Mannschaft’ t-shirt and hoodie and it means ‘The Team’ and few could argue that after their world cup success and current global champions that Germany had not owned that title. I can recall a few years back when the young and seemingly naive German side burst onto the scene and were causing waves but they fell just short. However there was renewed optimism within German football about this group.

Their top players had their foundations in what was an incredibly strong set of players at both Dortmund and Bayern Munich and now they have spread to major clubs across Europe. It is their core of young, strong players though that suggest they can maintain their dominance and one of the things you always know is that no matter how good each of their individual technical players are they put the needs of their country ahead of them and the needs of the team paramount. This is the Germany 'Die Mannschaft' T-shirt and Hoodie and it is just one of many incredible Germany T-shirts and Hoodies you will find at Blind Religion


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