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The world of gaming and gaming t-shirts has hit an almost global level of explosion in recent times. It seems as though gamers are getting even younger and where the best and brightest used to play to chess now you can see them competing anywhere from in their own home and bedroom to online super games that take them into an alternate world of reality. As this culture grows the need for gaming t-shirts and gaming hoodies becomes even bigger as just like in sports gamers pledge their allegiance to their favourite gaming franchise.

How great is that? No longer are we constrained by the realities of what can be a mundane life we’re now free to live any fantasy we want and take control of anything we want for our own pleasure. Now you could be a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series that seems to have grown up with us all our lives or perhaps you fancy something more military in nature with Call of Duty but that’s the beauty about these gaming tee’s is that there’s something for everybody.

As with every movement be it music, gaming, sports there’s something of a wave of appreciation for where it all started and homage always has to be paid to those first breakthrough games and systems that simply started this world we live in now. You can see people everywhere wearing with pride their retro gaming t-shirts and it can transport them back to the world when they picked up their first Atari system and now they can still play those games but also show the world their love for retro gaming through wearing a retro Atari t-shirt that in the world of gaming represents the same kind of cool as a rock fan wearing a Ramones tee would.

I myself probably was a bit more of the vintage gaming t-shirt era when we had just past the Atari phase and were now moving onto the Commodore 64. I can recall being a small child and staring longingly at the pictures of the Commodore Amiga that promised so much. Better graphics, more power, increasing gaming capacity and actual fights would form in the children’s playground over which was better the Amiga or the new console based Sega Mega Drive and it was like an all out war would break out with young boys taking their sides almost tribally to support their console.

Forget people queuing at the Apple store this stuff was violent and much more intense and nobody was marketing this kind of loyalty. I can still recall the teachers explaining to us how these things would rot our brains, how creativity and imagination would go out the window as we were spoon fed entertainment that would inevitably stifle us. I always found it hysterical and wish we would have had gaming t-shirts around back then so on non uniform day I could silently rebel but even then as kids we knew the same teachers went home and were spoon fed soap operas which must have had a far more mind numbing impact.

As kids would swap physical fights in years gone by on the streets for Street Fighter battles on the Super Nintendo and the elders would complain they were not playing out more as they sat at home watching a punch up on their favourite soap? I mean at least we were actively involved rather than passive in the entertainment. Then as instead of running around on the streets we let Sonic do our chasing and sure some of us got a little less active and plumper but as their fitness levels decreased to the point television meant more to them than taking us the park it’s hard to see their point.

We would be having a world of fun with Super Mario using his piping skills as a plumber to entertain us and our teachers would be shelling out for plumbers because they hadn’t bothered to learn the basic things needed to maintain and repair their pipes their fathers’ told them they should learn and now that plumber is on double their salary and yet they see nothing just how gaming would ruin us.

Well guess what it didn’t happen. The gaming industry is now bigger than ever and a lot of those kids challenged themselves to get better. They discovered problem solving skills as games became tougher more challenging. The world of computers has grown and grown and the geeks of yesterday and the cool and powerful of today and as kids do they found a way to make learning possible from something as adults failed to understand learning isn’t killed by advancements it’s enhanced.

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg will have held a SNES at one time or wished he could use technology in a different and from apps to games to online role playing those kids grew up and channelled their imagination to evolve everything they saw before them and our parents still criticised and watched TV. Gaming isn’t without its costs though and even watching and wearing Big Bang Theory t-shirts won’t alter the fact that whilst it’s brilliantly funny and entertaining we are essentially living in a world distracting us as they take away our civil liberties.

Governments all over the world are exploiting anything they can from sport, music and gaming to keep our eyes firmly away from what they’re trying to do however they know the online community is the biggest threat they face in their quest for complete control over us. They know people don’t gather together face to face in large groups anymore to talk about making the world a better place and challenging them but online everybody has an opinion and everybody wants to share and that is the power geeks and gamers have and that’s why t-shirts are so important.

This is our movement. You can wear Edward Snowden t-shirts or Anonymous t shirts and you can support Assange and question your own government and you can spread that message online with your words and you can spread it in the street with a t-shirt. This is our lives and whilst people think we’re distracted we can really be getting educated.

I recently saw the power of free information in a startling way. My 4 year old daughter enjoys the game Minecraft and let’s face it that is nothing new and as her grandparents said they didn’t approve of games introduced so young I tried to explain the premise of building, construction, imagination, total control of the world, her learning new skills, discovering new things she could make that went way beyond that of say Lego bricks and that she could interact and how powerful learning tool this actually was.

It was something fun, it made learning, problem solving fun and within a few weeks some of the complex structures she had made astounded me. Do you know how she learnt to build them? She taught herself through online tutorials through YouTube with Stampy. At first I wondered how this could have happened, how did she get so incredibly good when I didn’t instruct her and then it hit me. It was the perfect learning environment.

The most beautiful thing about learning is when you are allowed to make mistakes and then learn from them and that beautiful way of learning is ruined when somebody points out your mistakes for you. She had no father watching her so she didn’t worry about making a mistake. She had nobody point out she had made a mistake so she happily would acknowledge when things didn’t work and then seek to find a way to do what she wanted that worked.

It was such a beautiful thing and a scary one to most people that we actually learn better without help in many cases.

Girls and Women’s Gaming and Geek T shirts, Hoodies Available

One of the fastest growing gaming cultures is that of the women’s or girls gaming t-shirts and geek t-shirts. The gender roles are rightly becoming a little more blurred in terms of what we do for entertainment and rightly so. There are more and more girl gamers’ around the world and that can only be a good thing. The more people playing, enjoying and at a younger age the bigger the talent pool in years to come to create the next generation of gaming.

Let’s face it too in a world where the physical becomes less of an advantage what better place for men and women to enjoy something than on a completely equal level than gaming. If geek is the new chic then there are so many more chic girls about now than ever before and it is lending itself to a new image for gamers where men no longer rule and the gender bias like in almost every other industry remains wide.

With hoodies becoming ever more fashionable there really is now reason not to build a completely inclusive society where everybody is not only welcome to join but welcome to challenge each other or a gaming level and in the fashion stakes too. That’s why every single gaming tee or geek tee we have on our website comes with its very own custom made and tailored design to suit all the beautiful women in the gaming world today.

Kids and Children’s Gaming and Geek T-shirts and Hoodies Are Here

So we all take gaming seriously right? However few really throw themselves into the world of gaming and make believe like kids do. Yet there are very few choices for kids gaming t-shirts out there right? There are even less for kids in terms of gaming hoodies as well. Now we know perhaps some businesses think kids don’t have any money. They don’t have credit or cash cards and they can’t buy online anyway.

Now whilst all that is absolutely true should that really be a reason to simply not offer them a choice, an option, a possibility to shop and see a similar range to what adults enjoy? Why because there’s less money to be made from kids t-shirts? Well we don’t think that’s fair and that’s why we offer every single design in a kids t-shirt and kids hoodie option for all our gaming shirts.

It’s not about the money it is about inclusiveness and if there’s one section of society that applauds children for their ability it is the gaming