Dortmund BVB Never Alone T-shirt and Hoodie

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Dortmund BVB Never Alone T-shirt and Hoodie at Blind Religion

Now this Dortmund BVB Never Alone t-shirt and hoodie has a particular meaning to it also. This came about when I heard 1.000 Dortmund fans singing You’ll Never Walk Alone which is traditionally a song for Liverpool FC and I thought about what that meant. How can two clubs from different countries feel so connected to each other? What was it about Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool that made them feel so similar?

I couldn’t really work it out was it they were working class cities, similar in size and passion for football? Was it the fact that they’d played each other before and are both experiencing difficulties overthrowing near neighbours? In the end it didn’t matter but what I felt was a sense of unity among the fans where they never felt alone and that are why we made this Dortmund BVB Never Alone t-shirt and hoodie we felt somehow the two clubs are connected and in some way whilst we are never alone amongst our own supporters we think Dortmund and LFC will always share a bond and will always have each other's backs when it comes to support. 

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