Deadpool Chimichangas T-shirt and Hoodie

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Deadpool ‘Chimichangas’ T-shirt and Hoodie at Blind Religion

Before we started this business of a Deadpool t-shirt and hoodie and other wonderful characters we were given some advice. You know one of those free business seminar things that you feel obligated to go to before you start anything. We were told to put ourselves in the position of you guys the customer and then see what the customer feels like. So we went and bought ourselves t-shirts and we didn’t learn much and then we asked ourselves how you feel. For me personally you felt like a cross between a dolphin and warm, moist pasta and I wonder how you’d all feel in these wonderful Deadpool t-shirts?

I bet you’d feel handsome and proud, beautiful like peacocks and like soft black snow waiting for the sun to arrive and turn you white again. I love those business seminars we learnt so much. I will let you in on a little secret I met Doug Richard once and he said the secret to success is inbound links. Can you believe that? That’s how easy it is to become a millionaire all you have to do is eat Chimichangas.


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