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Avengers ‘Thor’ T shirt at Blind Religion

As Loki’s brother Thor was always going to have his work cut out but he rose to the challenge in an almost regal way. A god, a warrior Thor is a mixture of many things but bravery and courage are always high on the list and of all the Avengers as shown in this t-shirt he remains the most mystical as he comes from the foriegn world of Asgard. Whilst they seem closely connected to the human race and almost resemble our values and protocols of times medieval they have technology and powers that are more aligned to what to expect in the future.  

We love Thor here and his role in the Avengers and even though he’s not from this world there seems something so humane, values we perhaps used to hold close in a time we've long forgot but he holds an important role in this Avengers legacy and we have no doubt he will continue to strive to make his father proud of his actions and behave like a true hero until time stops. 


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