Blind Religion – A Place Where All T-shirt and Hoodie Lovers Are Welcome

Our love affair with t-shirts and hoodies started way back but let me guess you really don’t want to hear about that right? Good because although it’s a interesting story for us to tell what happened yesterday we can’t change and the only time we can change the future is right now so that’s where we’ll start.

This is the world’s most inclusive t-shirt and hoodie store in the world. If you are wondering what we mean by that then we have created this store so for every single design we create and make for you guys there is something there for everybody. That is regardless of sex, age or religious background.

For us t-shirts and hoodies are our religion. That’s what we live for and breathe for and hopefully why you’re here too to share a simple love for t-shirts. We live on such a restrictive world where socially we have freed ourselves up and there’s less prejudice in the world but globally all our respective governments are clamping down on our freedoms and guess what fashion is the one thing they can’t touch.

It is one freedom we all have where we can feel comfortable to say anything we like about ourselves through our t-shirts or hoodies. Are you cheeky? Adventurous? Into movies, sports, games anything we like we can say it with a tee and be instantly recognisable to others who feel the same.

Say you’re a young girl and you like gaming, or you like sports and what you will find in most stores is a whole bunch of mens tees or unisex t-shirts with no real choices of girls t-shirts or women’s t-shirts and you simply have to lump it because they say unisex is for you. Well now you don’t. The simple truth is unisex allows companies to buy in bulk sell to them men as a man’s t-shirt and simply tell the women just wear a man’s t-shirt its unisex.

Yeah right. We surely live in a time where companies can actually treat everybody as equals, it made us feel a bit uneasy to think that the only reason there’s so little choice is because of profits and stack them up and sell them low techniques. Where’s the choice? Where’s the personal touch? Where is the individual solution to that man, woman or child’s needs? It’s at Blind Religion.

That doesn’t mean we don’t stock men’s t-shirts, we stock both men’s and women’s t-shirts in every single choice we have. That’s right it’s absolutely 50-50 if there’s a man’s options there’s a woman’s option it is simple as that and we’ve gone one stage further because we think kids t-shirts are just as important as adults. Now nobody makes as much profit from children’s t-shirts and yes we know children can’t buy t-shirts for themselves so is that why they should be sold short?

Think of the last time you went onto a great t-shirt site and saw a child’s options in every single one of their products? It doesn’t happen but are we to believe there are kids out there who don’t love sports t-shirts, who don’t want gaming t-shirts or who don’t like TV or Movie t-shirts. There’s a 3 year old boy I know who completed Mario before I did so I don’t buy that and it’s all about equality and being inclusive.

The Hoodie Revolution Is Here So Let’s Embrace It

Depending on what part of the world you live in you may well have laughed at the coverage this very normal garment has been given in the press. Constant scare stories about ‘hoodies’ and how young people use them to hide what they’re doing to send the older generation into hysterical panic for fear of their very lives. Now correct me if I’m wrong hoodies are jumpers with hoods.

I don’t see how that’s frightening. Everybody loves a good sweatshirt and who doesn’t need a hood. Unless your captain umbrella and can do incredible things with your hair then most of the world will at some stage in their lives be grateful for something to cover their heads. Now being the most inclusive t-shirt store in the world you can guess that not only do we have kids hoodies of course that would be leaving out men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies because everybody is wearing them now.

Guess what they look awesome. A girl can happily go outside and look so cool and yet not really have to worry about something sticking to her body and being conscious of how it looks. It’s great to look good and feel good but don’t sometimes we all want to feel comfortable and still look cool as well. Personally I do and that’s why we have a whole host of choices there too.

Sports T-shirts and Hoodies for Men, Women and Children

Sport who doesn’t love it? Breaking away from any kind of monotony or regardless of what is happening in your city, world or life even when a big sporting event comes around or even that weekly match up you look forward isn’t it just great to connect with fellow fans, get behind your team and be part of something bigger than your own life. Be it the sport itself or your team of your favourite star they all have other fans just like you who want to show their collective support and a sports t-shirt for your favourite is the best way to do it.

Unlike replica jersey’s which seem to be reserved for match time vintage or retro sports t-shirts can be worn almost anywhere at any time and allow you to take your passion with you wherever you go and not restrict it to just match days.

Now of course we have football or soccer t-shirts, we have boxing and mixed martial arts, tennis, baseball, basketball anything you can name we have it but the most important thing is of course each one comes with a men’s sports t-shirt choice and then also split equally with a women’s sports t-shirt option and a children’s t-shirt alongside. We can’t fair fairer than that.

Gaming and Geek t-shirt and Hoodies for Men, Women and Kids

The rise and rise of gaming is something to be proud because this is one industry that has got so many places left to go. Any look at the latest games and you can see they’re almost made like movies with scripts and details so intricate you can see how it is only going to get more popular. The guys who make these games must be so talented and they’re now up there with any other of the arts industries around the world right now and you can see that by the explosion of gaming t-shirts.

You see groups of people flocking together to play their Xbox or Playstation online, talking, communicating, coming together and ever since the invention of online gaming came along the market of gaming t-shirts has just sky rocketed. You can still go to your friends house and catch up and play games or if that’s not possible just both log in and what I love about the fact you use a nametag it keeps that notion of being anonymous and this is why girls are playing such a large role on what is effectively a level playing field.

That’s why we have a whole host of men’s, women’s, children’s gaming t-shirts and hoodies because this is one of the most exciting areas of t-shirts we can see.

TV, Film and Movie T-shirts and Hoodies for Men, Women and Kids

So we’ve got you covered on sport and gaming and you’re up to date with geek chic but who doesn’t love a good movie t-shirt? Movies have played such a big role in all our lives growing up and the Marvel Universe has done some things I thought I’d never see in cinematic history. They’re making incredible movies that tie in and give real depth to some of our favourite superheroes. Right now is a great time for cinema because whilst a few forces remain dominant in movie making it forces others to come up with new ideas to compete.

I can remember now looking back to days watching Star Wars and Star Trek and that science fiction era, there’s fan of action movies, fans of horror, B Movies and there are just those cult classics where for some reason everybody gets touched in one way or another by a certain film. Often unique with a fresh take on the world we all come out of watching that film seeing the world in a different way and that’s the real power.

We love the movie because of how it changes us after seeing it. Then you have the movie fanatics who religiously watch James Bond or Dr Who and there are those who have a particular fancy for a certain director like Pulp Fiction’s Tarrantino but really that’s why we love movie t-shirts and hoodies so much. It’s partly because of a deep held love for the film itself and maybe it was beautifully made but more often than not it opened our eyes to a new way of thinking, a new idea of love, a new understanding of ourselves and sometimes we just like to see massive explosions and break neck speed too.



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